Cycling Training Zones for Speed

The image at the top of this post shows my time in zones before and after changing my training around February 2018. After one year...
Narrow road in the middle of desert with mountains and big clouds

How to Prepare for a Century Ride or Grand Fondo

Doing a Century ride seems to be a common goal among cyclists. There seems to be a rite of passage in achieving your first 100...
Down hill road in the mountains of Utah with a cyclist descending

How to Descend with Confidence on a Road Bike

A long descent on the road typically makes the list of situations that cause fear or lack confidence in cyclists. As with almost everything, the...

How NOT to Slow in a Fast Paceline

This week has been recovery and "fun" in the schedule for me. I've taken that opportunity to do some fast group rides with the...
Bike leaning at the top of a mountain at 6,578 feet

Altitude Mask as a Training Tool?

Do altitude masks work? Is altitude mask an effective tool to help athletes better adapt and respond to the demands of training...