What is the Tron bike in Zwift?

If you ride on Zwift, you have probably seen the cool looking bike with glowing wheels. This bike is called “Concept Z1” and is usually referred to as the Zwift “tron bike”. It’s the ultimate customization for your avatar, it’s FAST, and it’s a testament to your climbing abilities!

How do I get the Zwift Tron Bike?

To get the Tron bike, you have to complete the Mt. Everest challenge in Zwift by climbing 8,850 meters (29,028 ft) and then climb an additional 41,150 meters (135,007 ft). Here are some tips:

  • Sign up for the Mt. Everest Challenge now so you start accumulating distance climbed on every ride!
  • Every distance climbed from all the rides you do in Zwift, including those in workout mode, group ride, and Zwift workouts, will count towards the challenge once you sign up.
  • You do not have to complete the required climbing distance in one ride (phew!)

Watch this 90 second video to see how to join the challenge and earn yours!

The numbers can be intimidating at first, but you don’t have to turn every Zwift session into a climbing sufferfest. Simply join the challenge and let the miles accumulate as you naturally ride the hills and mountains in any of the Zwift courses. You will have the tron bike before you know it!

What’s the fastest way to get the Tron bike?

There are a few things you can do to maximize the time you spend riding to accumulate climbing kilometers faster.

  • Ride the Alpe du Zwift route in Watopia. However, this route is only available to riders Level 12 and above. If you are not there yet, chose the second best option: the Epic KOM route.
  • Can’t handle epic climbs every day? No problem. Chose the climbing routes when doing a workout in the workout module. Even if you have a smart trainer, the roads will feel “flat” because the module provides linear, constant resistance as if you were on a flat road, but you still get credit for climbing.

Is the Tron bike the fastest?

The Tron bike is the fastest overall bike in Zwift, according to tests. If you have to chose a bike that will be the fastest on mixed terrain (flats, hills, climbs, etc.), the Tron is your choice.

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  1. Hey Coach Theia,
    quick remark, I think it’s not enough to just finish Mt. Everest challenge. After that accomplishment one must climb 41150 additional meters to unlock the Tron bike, I believe?!?


  2. I completed the Mt. Everest Challenge but the Tron Bike is not available in my garage. Can you give me a clue? Climbing close to 170,000 feet and not getting the prize is frustrating.

    • Hi Dave, so you completed the Everest plus the additional 41,150 meters (135,007 ft) and still no Tron? Does the challenge show as completed when you log in? Did you try running any updates to Zwift? If all fails, I would suggest you take a screen shot of total miles climbed, challenge completed and submit a ticket to Zwift.


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