Zwift Custom Workout Screen

How to load custom Zwift workouts (.zwo) into a PC

Step 1: Download the Zwift workout

Download the custom Zwift workout in .zwo format to your local computer. Modern browsers download files to the Downloads folder by default. You can find the Downloads folder a few ways:

  • Navigate to: Start > File Explorer > This PC > Download
  • Press the Keys: Windows key + R then type "%userprofile%/downloads" without the quotes and then hit Enter
  • Use the Search feature and type “File Explorer” without the quotes
My downloads folder on a PC

Step 2: Copy the Zwift workout filename.zwo into the correct Zwift folder

Copy and paste the custom Zwift workout filename.zwo  from the Downloads directory into  \Documents\Zwift\Workouts\{userid}

Note: The name of your Numeric Zwift Id folder {userid} will contain a string of digits (e.g., 123456) that aligns with your Zwift Id. This number is unique to each rider. If multiple Zwifters access the same platform to Zwift, there may be multiple Numeric Zwift Id folders visible.

In order to Copy and Paste the file you can either:

  • Right click on the filename.zwo from the Downloads directory and select “Copy”. Then navigate the Zwift workout folder and Right click on the white space and select “Paste”
  • Select the filename.zwo from the Downloads directory and type “Ctrl+C”. This will copy the file into memory. Then navigate to the Zwift workout folder and type “Ctrl+V”. This will paste the file into the selected directory. N

Step 3: Run Zwift

After running Zwift the new workout should appear under Custom Workouts at the top of the Zwift workouts screen. If the workout includes a category definition it will will not appear under Custom Workouts, but in its own category.

Make sure to complete Steps 1 & 2 above while Zwift is closed. The Zwift workout will NOT appear if you add the .zwo file to the Zwift folder while Zwift is open.

[highlight]If the custom Zwift workout does not appear, close and then reopen Zwift. If this does not solve the problem it is possible the .zwo file has incorrect permissions or was built incorrectly. [/highlight]


Zwift Support – How to Import Custom Workouts

How to video showing the steps above to load a custom Zwift workout


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