Hi! I'm

Theia Friestedt

Welcome to 360 Velo! This site was created to share insights and guidance in the areas of cycling, fitness, and nutrition. It aims to cover 360 degrees of information related to these areas, in a way that is relevant and practical.

I am a Certified USA Cycling Coach and competitive cyclist, currently pursuing a Precision Nutrition Coaching Certification. I bring a holistic and effective approach to coaching busy athletes, maximizing their training time so they experience significant improvements in their rides, events, and races. I bring decades of experience in a variety of sports, including cycling, ballet, and yoga.

Before becoming a full-time coach, I stayed active while managing a young family and traveling as a consultant to multinational corporations around the world. As a result, I understand the challenges busy athletes face and am committed to helping them achieve results within their schedule limitations.

My husband, Drew Friestedt, is also a competitive cyclist who loves a challenge and participates in epic events such as Dirty Kanza 200. His posts provide valuable, in-depth analyses of his preparation and experiences in these types of events.

I hope that you enjoy our site, and invite you to share your comments and questions.

Theia Friestedt