Theia Friestedt is a Certified USA Cycling Coach and competitive cyclist, combining decades of experience in a variety of sports, including ballet, yoga, and TRX.

graph showing power produced during a cycling workout on a smart trainer outside or ERG mode

Why I don’t use ERG mode

What is ERG mode? Smart trainers include a feature called “ERG mode”. When turned on, ERG controls the load on the trainer to match a prescribed intensity (power target) during a workout. In other words, no matter what cadence you use or how hard you turn the pedals, the trainer adjusts the load so that…

Setting up Zwift

Setting Up Zwift

Interested in setting up Zwift? You came to the right place! This post lists the equipment you will need to enjoy riding and training in this engaging platform for cyclists, triathletes and runners. We will cover the compatible trainers for cycling and related equipment. In addition, we include helpful videos and links to additional resources. To…