Beethoven as a DJ

Looking for some motivating music and playlists for your workouts? Want some help finding motivation? Have a long session or hard race on the trainer? Doing a long Zwift ride? We got you covered! Below are some of our energizing playlists, mixing up a little bit of everything.

Playlists for indoor cycling

These playlists in Spotify will keep you going through tough intervals, races or fast group rides! They usually start with 2-3 warm up songs, and end with 3-4 cool down songs. We also have a compilation of our members’ favorite workout songs, so check it out!

Click on the pictures below to access the playlists.


  1. Nice but,can the playlist be used on my own stream and my video will not be deleted due to copyright violation right!

    • Hi, these playlists contain copyrighted songs, therefore you will not be able to use them on your stream or video. You can find copyright-free songs on Spotify by searching “NCS music” or “NCS Official”


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